Get Galaxy Nexus Or Await Nexus 5s With Key Lime Pie?

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Despite the Samsung Galaxy S3 being crowned the most powerful Android smartphone on the market and beating out the best Android handsets out there, there is one Android it can’t touch – the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Get Samsung Galaxy Nexus or await 5 new Nexus devices running Android Key Lime Pie?

Sure the Galaxy S3 has better hardware but the Nexus will always have better software being Google’s flower child. With this in mind, is it a good idea to get a Samsung Galaxy Nexus right now, especially as Verizon is letting it go at a discount? First off, if you do plan on getting a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, avoid the Verizon model at all costs as it defeats the purpose of getting a pure Google phone. If you want one, shell out the $399 for an unlocked GSM model.

Now for the next question – Verizon version or not, should you be getting a Samsung Galaxy Nexus this late in the game? The answer is no. With the Samsung Galaxy Nexus launching way back in November last year, it is nearly approaching the time for its successor to be announced. Google has without fail launched a new Nexus smartphone during the holidays of every year ever since the Google Nexus One. So this year will be no different. What is different is that rumors suggest Google will unveil 5 new Nexus devices this year – a mixture of phones, tablets and possibly other things as well.

So if you don’t mind waiting another 2 months, you may have up to 5 Nexus devices to choose from. Furthermore, every year Google had launched an updated OS with its Nexus line. Next up is rumored to be Android Key Lime Pie, which to be honest does sound a lot more tempting than Jelly Bean.

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