Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs Upcoming ‘Key Lime Pie’ Nexus 5s

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 really is all that, and beats all other Android smartphones hands-down. It can’t, however, touch the Galaxy Nexus.

Get Samsung Galaxy Nexus or await 5 new Nexus devices running Android Key Lime Pie?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 may well have better hardware, but the Galaxy Nexus – Google’s favorite child – will always have better software. So, is it a good idea to bag a Nexus just yet, especially with Verizon offering it on a discount? Well, if you really want a Nexus, don’t bother with the Verizon model, as it defeats the object of buying a pure Google phone. Instead, pay up the $399 in costs for an unlocked GSM model that will get the latest Android updates in a timely fashion.

Now we’ve got Verizon out of the way – is it a good idea to get a Nexus this late in its shelf-life? No, in a word. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was launched last November, meaning its successor is waiting in the wings. Google has released a new Nexus smartphone every single holiday season without fail since the Nexus One. This year won’t be any different. It’s rumored, though, that Google plans to release five new Nexus gadgets this year – phones, tablets and other gizmos as yet un-named.

So, as long as you can wait another two or three months, you may well have five Google Nexus beauties to choose from. Also, don’t forget, Google has launched a new OS along with its new Nexus phones every year without fail as well; this next OS is believed to be called Android Key Lime Pie, which sounds way more satisfying than Jelly Bean don’t you think?

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