Brand Wars: Google Nexus To Challenge Samsung Galaxy

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Google will reportedly roll out a new strategy when it comes to the Nexus handsets. Up until now they have released one Nexus every year with one manufacturer of whom Google has been involved in the design process of the handset. This is about to change in a big way.

Google Nexus may soon become a brand like Samsung Galaxy

According to Phandroid, Google may offer Nexus certification to manufactures who want to make a Nexus device, providing they meet specifications laid out by Google.

So far we have seen three devices with the Nexus name, the Nexus One, Nexus S and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. All of these handsets have received praise; however they haven’t exactly been blockbusters when it comes to selling. If Google widen their reach the Nexus name could have a wider impact.

However Google will not want to diminish the Nexus name and any device that takes the name would have to be future proofed. Manufacturers would at the same time need to guarantee upgrades for consumers with the handsets, to the latest version of the Android OS.

At the moment there is nothing official from Google on the story, nor are they commenting on the rumours that surround it. A new Nexus handset is said to be on its way in the form of the LG Optimus G Nexus and if the rumours are true then it will not be alone for very long.

Would you like to see the Nexus brand grow to something like the Samsung Galaxy brand has in the past 3 years? And would a series of Nexus phones end up posing as a threat to other brands like Galaxy and DROID given they will have multiple phones with “guaranteed updates” to compete with?

Via: TGDaily

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