Samsung Galaxy Nexus Has Name But HTC’s Nexus Truly Galactic

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 HTC have said that they will be sending the HTC Nexus One into space in 2013. This will be part of the PhoneSat program of NASA focusing on the creation of small and low cost nano-satellites.

HTC Google Nexus One set for space travel, Samsung Galaxy Nexus stays grounded

There have been numerous tests following many years of rigorous testing which have included balloon rides and vibration tests along with thermal vacuum chambers. This will be the last test they conduct.

The handsets of today have some advanced tech, including accelerometers and gyroscopes along with GPS receivers. These all help NASA is their development of new satellites. Of course many consider the Nexus One to be old tech in the world of smartphones today and find that if NASA wanted a Nexus then the Samsung Galaxy Nexus would be better. However the technology inside the device is 100 times more than that found in many of the satellites of today.

At the moment HTC have not given any date for the launch, however it will be a big day for them and the Nexus name, as the Nexus One will be the first Nexus in space. We’re wondering what Samsung is thinking given that their Nexus is the one with “Galaxy” in their name.

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