Google Sends Killer Update To Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Not In A Good Way)

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An indignant story on BetaNews yesterday had discussed the fact that Apple has an injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which means that Google has been stopped from selling the Android device.

BN: Samsung Galaxy Nexus JellyBean update coming after local search is killed

However to resolve this, Google has sent out a “wrong update”, as Beta News puts it. The update is not the awesome Android 4.1 Jelly Bean features but an update to supposedly kill the local search feature we’ve always had on the Galaxy Nexus.

Google released a statement on the night of the 3rd July announcing that the update would disable Google search, and Google have also stopped selling the Nexus on their store online until Jelly Bean is on it, when it will be released at $50 less than the previous price with Android 4.0.

The Beta News article wonders why Jelly Bean is not just being rolled out immediately. The statement at Google I/O stated mid-July, but if it is ready there should be no reason to hang about. This is partly due to carriers though who can delay sending out updates.

If Android 4.1 does hit devices in July as hoped (pending judgement), the article notes that Android fragmentation could go down, which would in turn make Android devices even hotter competition to Apple. This means their claim could backfire somewhat, particularly as most reviews comparing Android 4.1 and iOS 5 show Android 4.1 to be far superior.


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