Should You Get A Samsung Galaxy Nexus Or Wait For Nexus 5s?

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Many are wondering if they should go ahead and buy the Samsung Galaxy Nexus this late in the game or hang on for something better, such as the Droid RAZR HD or the rumored Nexus models.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs 2012 Nexus devices

Probably it won’t be long before a new Nexus device is released, certainly before the end of 2012. The Nexus One came out in Jan 2010, while the Nexus S arrived in Dec 2010. The Galaxy Nexus showed its face in Nov 2011. Judging by the pattern we wouldn’t be shocked if the Nexus for 2012 comes out next month.

This year though we could see up to 5 Nexus devices released if rumors serve true. So far we’ve seen the Google Nexus 7, which leave 5 more. And it may also come with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie (did we mention that this year will be Android’s 5th anniversary?).

Bear in mind that if you go ahead and get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on contract now you will have it for another two years, and a lot can happen in two years. If you do want a handset now then the Nexus is a solid buy. But given that its successors are right around the corner, we wouldn’t suggest buying one. However if it is powerful hardware you are after instead of the latest Android software updates, then the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 are better options.

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