Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 Looks Legit, Full Manual Leaked

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Photos of what are said to be the quick start manual for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Nexus tablet have been leaked on a Korean blog. If the photos are the real deal then it looks like the 10-inch Nexus device is official.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 looks legit

Of course it is possible that the photos could be faked and there is no guarantee that Google will launch the device at their event which is coming up in NY next week. However the photos do look legitimate and there would be easier ways to do up a fake then an instruction manual.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2  has been seen in server logs many times over the last few weeks, and at first was believed to be a smartphone successor to the original Galaxy Nexus. However it quickly became apparent thanks to its 10-inch form factor that it was in fact the big brother to the Google Nexus 7 instead of the Galaxy Nexus.

So now we know that there is a tablet from Samsung with the Nexus name floating around. The manual does seen to confirm some things for us, and one of these is that the tablet is ready for production, officially, as the design is final, and we should be seeing it announced very soon. However whether this means that it will be revealed next week is anyone’s guess.

As there have been so many rumours going around about the new 10 inch Nexus tablet, in all probability the photos of the manual are the real deal. We’ll keep you posted.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus tablet manual

Samsung Galaxy Nexus tablet manual


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