Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 Makes Cameo In Official Google Video Clip?

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There is a new rumor going around about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2. Android Authority have said that they may have come across the first look at the device on a video ad for Google+, which is on YouTube.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 makes cameo in Google ad (rumor)

The clip is a minute long and is called Google+ for Android and show how Google + looks on Android handsets. However what’s even more interesting is that the video also features another handset that is a mystery and which is not the current Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

AA states that if you stop the video at 0.05 minutes you will see a device in the hand of a girl. It shows the jack for the headphone at the top and thanks to the position of the back camera and the fact that it is pebble blue, it looks like a Samsung Galaxy  S3. But why would Google have the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the video? Wouldn’t it have been better to have the Nexus? If you go to 0.05 and between 0.59 this is when things start to look weird as apparently the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 appears to show its head.

So the girl holding that seems to be the Samsung Galaxy S3 in her hand may actually be holding the next Nexus phone points out AA. The battery cover is seen with the very distinctive Google branding next to the teardrop shape and of course there is the lack of the headphone jack.

Additionally, at the 1 minute mark the handset changes and another one takes its place. Have a close look at the video below to see what we mean.

It does seem that the device is hinted at being the Galaxy Nexus 2, as Google are not yet ready for their big reveal and this could explain the constant switches in the video. See for yourself.

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