Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2: What’s To Expect

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We should be seeing many different versions of the Galaxy Nexus very soon and rumor has it that one variation will come from Samsung. The Nexus 7 tablet has been very successful and it is affordable, so what can be expected of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2? DroidGuy reports that it may be coming soon, before the LG Optimus and the Sony Xperia Nexus.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 rumors

The partnership of Google and Samsung has seen many great Nexus devices and they have been warmly received. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 may be called the Galaxy Premier according to DG and it will be an improvement despite the original having some superb specs.

PocketNow adds that the device would have the ARM 11 processor, which is old, and the resolution of the screen would be 1280 x720p. It could be this is a mistake as the processor was seen in the first Android handset. The current Nexus has the Cortex A9 processor 1.2GHz dual core, so surely the newer model would have to have something faster. More likely, it will have the Tegra dual core of 1.5GHz at the very least.

Another rumor is that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 would be called the Galaxy Premier. However if this is so then it would not be a true Nexus device, but rather one linked with the Nexus name and trying to make the most of it. This could perhaps be the ideal way for Google to launch their new OS that is rumored, Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

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