Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2: S3 Guts Running Google’s Latest OS (Rumors)

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There have been rumours going around for some time now about many new Nexus handsets being released onto the market this year. As it is now September and we have only seen the Nexus 7, during the next three months Google and its partners will have to get a move on.

Upcoming Nexus phones (rumors)

With this in mind there are rumors that Samsung, Sony and LG are all working on new Nexus devices and these should appear in the form of the Galaxy Nexus 2, Xperia Nexus and the Optimus Nexus.

It is hoped that these devices will live up to the hype surrounding them. It seems that the Galaxy Nexus 2 may very well be on its way to us already. PocketNow has said that they have seen a device with the name of GT-I9260, which could very well be the new Nexus 2.

The agent profile said that the handset would have a resolution of 1280 x 720p and it would be powered by the ARM 11 processor. However this has caused confusion, as the processor is considered old. It was actually seen in the first ever Android handset. So it could be a mistake, as there is no other reason for a new handset in the Nexus line-up to have an old processor. Possibly it could have the ARM Cortex A11, if there was such a thing. If this proved to be true it would have an update from the dual core 1.2GHz Cortex A9, which is what is in the original Nexus. Rumors were going around though that the Nexus 2 would come with the 1.5GHz A9 CPU.

Whatever name the new Nexus handset has, it will be in competition with a lot of great handsets on the market, including the iPhone 5. But if rumors serve true of it packing similar hardware to the Samsung Galaxy S3 but with the added advantage of stock Android with the promise of regular updates, this is going to be the one to wait for.

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