Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 Pops Up In Official Google+ Ad? [Video]

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There’s a new Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 rumor in town. First the device popped up on Carphone Warehouse’s website in the trade-in section, and so we took the opportunity to tell you all we know about it.

The folks over at AndroidAuthority have stumbled upon what they think is the first look at the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2. It comes from a new Google+ video from the Google YouTube channel earlier this week. The minute-long clip, called Google+ for Android” is what you’d expect from Google – another attempt to promote its social network – and it shows us how Google+ looks and feels on Android phones.

So far so yawnsome. However, this vid features, as well as the Galaxy Nexus, a mystery device that isn’t the Galaxy nexus.

Is this the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2

AA says to look at the video again, at 0.03 minutes and stopping at 0.05 minutes. Look at the handset in the girl’s hand. The headphone jack is on the top, and combined with the position of the rear camera and the Pebble Blue color makes it look like a Samsung Galaxy S3. But….why would Google plug Samsung in its Google+ video? It would be better to show their Galaxy Nexus, as this is Google’s third nexus smartphone.

After 0.05 mins, you’ll notice that this Samsung Galaxy S3 lookalike doesn’t have a physical home button, so it must be new. Or maybe not. Here is where, it seems, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 steps in, and it holds the stage from 0.05 to 0.59, with the Nexus 7 nowhere in sight.

So, Google is showing the Galaxy Nexus for most of the clip. The girl who at first seems to have a S3 ends up with a Nexus. She DID change her clothes as well, so maybe she likes to co-ordinate outfits with phones…who knows? The distinctive battery cover with Google branding is seen easily alongside the teardrop shape and the lack of a headphone jack at the top points out AA.

Then, at 1.00 minute, a different phone makes its entrance. It’s Pebble Blue (ish) and looks like a Galaxy Nexus. There’s no home button visible, but as we only see the front side we don’t know what else is different. The volume keys and on/off switch are inverted, as is the camera positioning. We got a screengrab, flipped the image vertically and rotated it to portrait – this is the result.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 is being deliberately hinted at, but Google isn’t ready for the big reveal yet. This explains the combo of images AA has decribed. The end-phone is still a bit of a mystery, though.

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