Unreleased Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 Gets Snap Happy [PICS]

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The GT-i9260 could be the Galaxy Nexus 2 from Samsung due to the fact that the original handset has the number of GT-i9250 reports Droid-Life. Samsung generally keeps model schemes much the same. This was seen with the Galaxy S (I9000) and the S2 (I9100) and the latest Samsung Galaxy S3 (I9300).

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 pictures leaked

Therefore it looks very much like the GT-i9260 will be the next Nexus a.k.a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2, and the first photos that have been taken with the handset have been posted online at Picasa. At the moment there is not much information about it, other than the photos were taken with a focal length of 4mm and aperture of f/2.65. The photos do not look as though they have been taken at full resolution. Therefore it is hard to tell if the camera used was an upgraded 8 megapixel.

One of the shots shows someone using a laptop of Samsung branding and Bluetooth is mentioned on a spread sheet. However these may not have anything to do with the phone. At the moment there are only rumors going around and we cannot tell you anything about the device. It is thought that it may look very similar to the first Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but it should have a faster processor and more RAM.

Rumors from earlier this month suggested that the next Nexus from Samsung will likely be based off the S3 hardware but have the advantage of stock Android. Sounds good enough doesn’t it?

Pictures taken with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2

Pictures taken with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2

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