[VIDEO] Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 Co-Stars In Commercial For Google+?

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It looks like there’s a new Samsung Google Nexus 2 rumor. The device appeared on Carphone Warehouse’s website on the trade-in parts section, and so we pounced on it and told you all we could find out.

Now AndroidAuthority has found what might be the first look at the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2. It’s in a new Google+ vid from Google’s YouTube channel. The minute-long clip looks like just another Google attempt to plug its social network, by showing what Google+ looks like on Android phones.

Meh. Anyway, the vid also shows a mystery device alongside the Galaxy Nexus.

Is this the upcoming Google Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2?

AA urges you to look at the video again, between 0.03 and 0.5 minutes. Look at the phone the girl’s holding. The headphone jack is on top, and with the position of the rear camera and the Pebble Blue hue, it looks like a Samsung Galaxy S3. But why would Google put Samsung in its promo? It’d be wiser to tout its Galaxy Nexus – Google’s third Nexus smartphone right?

Once past 0.05 minutes, you’ll see that this Samsung Galaxy S3 lookalike doesn’t have a physical home button, so it must be different. Or maybe not. From here on in, AA states that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 steps in and hogs the limelight from 0.05 to 0.59.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is in most of the clip, and the girl starts off with a Samsung Galaxy S3 and ends up with a Nexus. She did change her clothes as well, so maybe she’s indecisive. The distinctive Google-branded battery cover is easily visible as well as the teardrop shape and the missing headphone jack at the top, says AA.

At 1.00, a different phone comes in. It’s Pebble Blue-looking, and it also looks like a Galaxy Nexus. There’s no home button that we can see, but we can only see the front side, so we don’t know what else has changed. The on/off and volume keys are switched round, as well as the camera position.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 is being hinted at, it seems, but Google isn’t doing a full reveal yet. This does explain the combo of images AA talks about, but doesn’t explain the final phone. Check out the video below.


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