Google Nexus X: Is This The Successor To Galaxy Nexus?

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Google have a very simple naming scheme – their flagship stock Android fleet will all have the Nexus name somewhere in their monikers. It also seems that HTC may be waiting to make a Nexus device as well, and that it will be based on the HTC One X 5-inch phablet.

Google Nexus X – the next Nexus phone?

The Google Nexus One did come from HTC, though. Google then went to Samsung and made the Samsung Nexus S and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. So now it looks like it may be time for the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to make its way to the ring, and it might be coming around to HTC again.

The HTC One X is a brilliant phone, so Google can certainly use that as a basis for its next Nexus device. Of course, rumors of the HTC One X phablet with its 1080p 5-inch display would only be the icing on the cake. This is the same as an HD TV, and is better than the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and also the retina screen of the iPhone 5.

If the rumors prove true, then it might have a quad-core S4 Pro Snapdragon chip, the same as is in the LG Optimus G phone. Coincidentally, this phone is also being suggested as the mold for the next Nexus phone. In case you haven’t heard, there may be more than one Nexus phone launching this year.

Now back to the Google Nexus X, reports suggest that it might have 64GB of internal storage, 4G support and a 12MP camera, so it would be THE dream Nexus handset. It should have adecent battery life too, as it’s thought to have a 2,500mAh battery. If it is missing an SD card or a removable battery, though, this could be bad news.

The new phone is thought to come with Android 4.2, which brings a ton of new features like Project Road Runner and a Customization Center. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.


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