Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 Pulls A Magicman In New Google+ Video

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A new rumour about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 has raised its head. The handset first showed up over at the website of CarphoneWarehouse in their trade section and now AndroidAuthority have found what they think is the upcoming Nexus handset in a Google+ video on YouTube.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 keeps popping up in Google+ ad (rumor)

The clip lasts 1 minute and is called “Google+ for Android”, which is not surprising, as it is an attempt by them to promote their social network. The video shows how Google+ looks and feels on Android handsets. Along with the Galaxy Nexus, the video also shows another device that is a bit of a mystery.

AndroidAuthority said to watch the video and stop it at 0.03 minutes and 0.05 and take a look at the device that is held in the hand. It shows a headphone jack which is situated on top of the handset and a camera on the back and the colour seems to be Pebble Blue, of the Galaxy S3 from Samsung. However the question is why would there be a Samsung Galaxy S device promoted in a video from Google?. You would think it would make more sense to show the Galaxy Nexus, which of course is the 3rd device in the Nexus line-up.

When you get to 0.05 minutes you will see that the lookalike of the Samsung Galaxy S3 does not have the physical home button. Therefore this could be a new device, or not. This is the part where it looks as though the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 comes into play and it lasts from 0.05 to 0.59.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is featured for the majority of the clip; however the girl shown seems to have the S3 in her hand at first, somehow ends up holding another Nexus handset. Another thing we noticed is that the battery cover features the branding of Google and this is clearly noticeable, as is the teardrop shape and lack of headphone socket at the top.

Overall it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 is pulling a Magicman throughout the video – now you see me, now you don’t! Maybe Google does not want to fully reveal it at the moment. This could account for the combination of the phones that Android Authority described. However the device at the very end of the video remains a mystery for now. Check out the clip below.

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