Next Nexus Keeps Tradition Of Disappointing Camera Hardware (Leak)

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We don’t know if the “Samsung GT-i9260” is the Galaxy premiere, the Galaxy Nexus 2 or both devices, but photos from it are up on Picasa, Google’s photo sharing network. These photos give us an idea of the quality of picture you can expect from this device, and according to AndroidAndMe it’s far from great.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 to continue tradition of sub-par cameras on Nexus phones?

Have a search for i9260 on Picasa, and you’ll see three images taken, according to the EXIF data, by this mystery gadget or gadgets. Of course EXIF data can be fabricated, but A&M have good reason to believe that these pics are real – Google the names of the photographers and two of the three work for Samsung. It’s not cast iron, but fairly sold proof.

If the EXIF data’s real, then it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 a.k.a GT-i9260 has an F/2.65 aperture and a 4mm focal length. In contrast the Samsung Galaxy S3 camera has a F/2.6 aperture and a focal length of 3.6mm, and the S2 F/2.65 and 3.97mm. After looking at these figures, the blog reckons that the i9260’s camera might be the same as the one found in the S2, which makes sense cost-wise, as Google and Samsung want the device to be affordable. The device is thought to have an 8MP camera which offers the same resolution as in the S2.

While the S2’s camera is perfectly serviceable, there are considerably better ones out there nowadays. The images on Picasa from the i9260 are OK, but not great, even if they were just accidental snapshots. The darker the image, the muddier it gets, and if the photos are taken in bright light, the clouding appears, especially in the corners. These photos look like they were taken by a smartphone – they should look like they were taken by a top of the range camera.

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