The Next Big Thing: Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 Leaked

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There was a rumour that we would see numerous Nexus branded handsets come out this year. It’s now September and so far the only new device has been the Nexus 7. However with another 3 months of this year left there is still time for Google and partners to release new handsets in the Nexus line-up.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 shows up in User Agent Profile

It is thought that LG, Sony and Samsung are all hard at work on Nexus Android handsets in the form of LG Optimus Nexus, Xperia Nexus and the Galaxy Nexus 2.

The Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus from Samsung saw a great deal of hype but they didn’t really live up to it in terms of sales. However it seems that the next generation, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 might be on its way, as PocketNow said that they have seen the User Agent Profile of a device named the GT-I9260 which is more than likely it.

If it is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 then fans can look forward to a display of 1280 x 720p resolution and run on the ARM 11 processor.

The processor has caused some confusion as it is now considered an old processor. After all this was the processor that powered the first Android handset, the HTC Dream. Therefore we can only assume that this is a mistake. Why would a Nexus device made in 2012 have an old processor? It doesn’t make sense. It could have the ARM Cortex-A11, if it existed, if so it would be an upgrade from the dual core 1.2GHz Cortex A9 which runs the current Galaxy Nexus. However there were rumors that the Nexus 2 would have the A9 1.5GHz CPU.

The name is another puzzle as some have said that the handset would be named the Galaxy Premier. However even with the number GT-I9260, a number similar to the Nexus, it would not be classed as a Nexus handset if it had the name Premier. Bear in mind that Samsung did name their first Nexus device the Nexus S instead of calling it Nexus 2, so it is quite possible that Samsung may not want to use the number “2” in the name.

For now all we can do is wait to find out if Samsung will release the device under the name of the Galaxy Nexus or the Galaxy Premier.

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