Apple’s Court Win Means Jelly Bean For All Samsung Galaxy Phones Early (Prediction)

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Some good may come out of Apple beating Samsung in court in the patent war. CNET  have suggested that thanks to older Android versions having infringed on the intellectual property of Apple, we might see devices being updated to Jelly Bean post haste.

Samsung Galaxy devices may get bumped up to Jelly Bean faster after patent infringement

This move would allow Samsung to get around the patent issues on the Nexus S which is among the devices Apple are trying to ban. Google and Android may very well try to get Android 4.1 onto as many handsets as they can as if they do they will be able to avoid bans as well. And with Apple now targeting 8 more Samsung devices, we can expect them in particular to get updated quickly..

HTC had the very same issues in May when their EVO 4G LTE and the HTC One X had to spend some time in customs. HTC got around the issue with a small update (Jelly Bean wasn’t released yet). This led to them overcoming problems and getting back on track very quickly.

If all of the devices with Android 2.x. are actually an infringement on Apple this could mean a fast release of updates way earlier than was originally planned or which were never actually intended for the older devices. Android owners may therefore want to keep a close eye on their notifications for any sign of a tweak of an upgrade to the latest OS Jelly Bean suggests CNET.

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