Samsung Wishes Galaxy Could Be More Like iPhone

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Apple has used one of Samsung’s own documents from 2010 against them in their court battle. The document is 132 pages long and it shows a comparison of the Galaxy S smartphone against the Apple iPhone from two years ago.

Report shows Samsung believed Galaxy would be better if it worked more like the iPhone

Apple got the document into evidence on Tuesday and it could do Samsung a great deal of damage. The original report was in Korean and has been translated and compares feature by feature and evaluates how the iPhone and the Galaxy S stand up against each other.

The document came from the engineering team at Samsung and shows everything from the browser, to apps built into both handsets and the home screen. In all cases the document then recommends what Samsung needs to do when going forward with designs for the handset. The answer to this is very simple and that is to make the handset work in much the same way as the iPhone.

The report basically says that the Galaxy handset, which is referred to as S1, should work in a similar way to the iPhone and have a user interface which is very similar. This could work out to be a damming document as the court case revolves around Apple saying that Samsung have copied the iPhone, and Samsung’s own document seems to outline that fact too.


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