Samsung Galaxy Fold: Problematic Past Not An Issue

Despite some of the issues that Samsung Galaxy Fold had when Samsung offered the device out for testing, it looks like their fans are ready to forgive and forget as Samsung rerelease the new foldable smartphone.

Even with its troubled past, Samsung still managed to sell out all available units when they open up the pre-order book for their Samsung Galaxy Fold in some markets. Reports from markets like Malaysia claim that the device sold out on the first day the pre-orders started.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will come running on a Snapdragon 855 chipset and will be sporting a 7.3inch Infinity Flex display or 4.6-inch display when folded. Previous reports suggest that the display might not be as durable as we hope with many people reporting that the display stops working when they tested out the device.

Samsung later added that they have fixed the issue but we will have to wait until people really start using it to see if the fix that Samsung did was enough.