Samsung Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders Cancelled

If you have pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy Fold in hopes that you will be one of the first in the world to use the folding smartphone, you will be fairly upset now as it was announced that Samsung will be canceling all the pre-orders.

Although Samsung has added that they have finally fixed the issue with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, those pre-orders from April will still be canceled. It was reported that those that place an order ith Samsung directly will now get a $250 in-store credit instead.

Of course, it was stated that the order must have been specifically asked not to be canceled back in May. No word on when pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be open once more but we do know that Samsung will be releasing the foldable smartphone in Korea on the 6th of September followed by the Europe and Singapore release on the 18th of September and then the US which is on the 27th of September.