Apple Files To Ban 7 Samsung Galaxy & 1 Droid Devices In US

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While the dust has barely settled on the court case between Samsung and Apple, with Apple coming out on top, Apple have now filed a notice which states the 8 products of Samsung that they want banned in the US.

Apple wants 7 Samsung Galaxy devices & 1 DROID model

You could look at it that Samsung have got off lightly when you consider that the jury said around 28 products were an infringement on Apples patents. However this is mainly due to the fact that some of those products are no longer on sale in the US.

The eight Samsung devices that Apple wants banned in the US are the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, 4 S2 models on (AT&T, Skyrocket, T-Mobile, Sprint), Galaxy Prevail and Motorola Droid Charge.

The case will be far from cut and dry though as Apple will have to prove that they have suffered irreparable harm from the eight handsets. Apple are associating the handsets with the patents which the jury said were an infringement on patents. The S2 Skyrocket, S2 Epic and S Showcase are the only handsets that have managed to escape the technical utility patents of Apple.

It has been established that infringement has taken place of course but now Apple will have to show that they will suffer if the products of Samsung are not banned for sale in the US. Apple has chosen products that they will be competing against in the market.

Apple is also opposing the request of Samsung to lift the ban on an injunction on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and they also want to ban the cellular version of the Tab.1. It seems that Judge Koh will have a lot of work when the hearing begins on the 20th September.

Meanwhile Samsung issued a statement and said that they would be doing everything within their power to ensure that their products remain available in the US market.

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