Samsung Feels The Galaxy S7 Isn’t Successful Enough

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It is looking as though Samsung doesn’t think that the Samsung Galaxy S7 was successful enough. We say this as we have heard that they are preparing double the supply of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, so the company must believe that they can sell many more of the new devices than they did the S7.

Samsung is going to have to move past the fiasco with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that was briefly launched last year. It is thought that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to be revealed on March 29 and it should be in the stores by mid-April.

We have heard that Samsung has boosted the sales goals for the Samsung Galaxy S8 to around 60 million units, while Samsung sold 48 million of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and 45 million of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung Display are planning to supply 10 million units of the panels for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and 6 million that are going to be used on the S8 Plus during the first shipments, which will be the January to March period. This may mean that the total shipment could reach 55 million this year.

However there are some critics of Samsung that say Samsung is securing more OELD panels than they usually would as they fear there could be a shortage of them before the iPhone launch, which is the first OLED model to come out in September.

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