Apple Adds Facebook Into iOS 6, Samsung Goes One Further

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Most smartphones recently released or in production are including a more comprehensive integration of social networking into the device as a feature, more specifically Facebook. However it sounds as though Samsung have completely reinvented the rulebook by researching the introduction of their own social network, which would be on their devices, integrated with their applications.

Apple puts Facebook in iOS 6 update, Samsung decides to build own social network

This comes from reports by The Korea Times, who claim that ‘unnamed officials’ who work for Samsung alleged to them that their current wave of victory on the market has given them the confidence to become a competitor with Facebook. This probably comes after their recent hit of the Samsung Galaxy S3 which has actually outsold the iPhone 4S in the first quarter – if they can beat Apple, they probably feel they can beat anybody.

The new social network has been referred to internally as “Samsung Facebook” which will combine and improve on the current social networking tools offered by Samsung, some of which are available even on other devices including iOS and BlackBerry, such as ChatOn. The plan is to turn this tool into a multi-platform service which can be used over different devices also. Family Story is also set to be included, and is being currently worked on before a roll-out to users of a variety of devices rather than just Samsung. Family Story is a free feature. The ‘unnamed officials’ also went on to say that the “Samsung Facebook” will also incorporate the cloud platform by Amazon.

This news is the polar opposite from its competitor,  Apple, who are looking to increasingly integrate Facebook into their devices with their recent update iOS 6 and in future updates. However risky Samsung’s decision may be, it could be a risk that pays off as they are one of the most successful smartphone companies globally at this current time. Then again, looking at other attempts to compete with Facebook like Google+ which was a bit of a flop with consumers, we are a little dubious about Samsung’s ability to compete, but if anyone can do it, it is probably them.

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