Samsung Didn’t Get Full Potential From Samsung Galaxy S6

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A flagship handset should offer full potential right and it shouldn’t give owners worries and people shouldn’t have to be concerned about monitoring their handset to make sure it’s not being overstretched. However, this is exactly what happened with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a competent device that can take great photos but on the downside it doesn’t give you much more than 5 hours of on screen time.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 battery capacity is weak to say the least as the handset typically overheats after only light usage. Often owners don’t even get five hours from the device if they have apps that use GPS. So the handset doesn’t offer its full potential.

Owners know about many fixes for the Samsung Galaxy S6, such as turning mobile data off, GPS and Bluetooth and keep clearing apps that are running in the background. But you shouldn’t have to worry about doing all this with a flagship device.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 arrived with a price tag of around $650 and up and for this price owners should not have to constantly worry about ensuring that the battery saver feature is on, clearing caches, performing factory wipes and uninstalling apps such as Messenger and Facebook, to get the most from the handset.

On paper the Samsung Galaxy S6 is an amazing handset, however in reality it is far from it. Samsung didn’t offer owners the full potential of the device and that is a real shame.