Samsung Curse Finally Reaches Galaxy S6 Edge+

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Smartphones aren’t supposed to blow up, but Samsung phones do. Heck, even iPhones do. And it is becoming such a common occurrence that folks are beginning to accept it as normal. No, it’s not normal – you put these things to your ears, they’re not fireworks.

But they are to Samsung, and it’s a curse that hasn’t been lifted. Prior to this it had affected the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S6 Edge.

And now it has finally struck the Galaxy S6 Edge+. One user took to Reddit to report that his unit combusted while he/she was asleep at night. Fortunately, it was sitting on his/her night stand, so he’s/she’s alright.

This incident shouldn’t be surprising at this point, though what’s bizarre is that his/her device hadn’t shown any signs of potentially catching ablaze on its own, and it doesn’t overheat, which is atypical of any Galaxy S6 model.

Let’s hope this remains an isolated incident, and it should be given that there are only dozens of Galaxy S6 Edge+ units out there. Would we eventually see the same thing happening to the Galaxy Note 5 or Note Edge? What do you think?