Samsung Could Keep Their Charger A Secret As Well.

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We saw the new pre-order page for Samsung that showed us the design of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 this week and that not the only device from Samsung that made it out for the event.

Some people spotted what looked like a new Samsung product at the Amazon holiday preview party. The event was attended by Gizmodo where the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo was spotted on the table. It is said that the charger would be strong enough to charge two devices at once.

Since there was talk about Samsung also preparing to announce a new smartphone during the unveiling event, the two charging pad could be for the new Note 9 and smartwatch.

The charger not only supports Fast Charge technology but it can also be connected by a USB-C able. More details of this device will be revealed when Samsung officially announces them at the August 9 event.

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