Samsung Choices: Samsung Galaxy S6 or Note 5, Is There A Simple Answer?

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Two excellent handsets from Samsung are the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Both are superb in their own right and both offer a great deal. But which should you choose, is there a simple answer?

Both the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 are flat screen devices. The Note 5 is 7% taller along with being wider, while the S6 is thinner by 11%.

The lighter of the two is the Samsung Galaxy S6 and this is lighter by 19%. Both of the handsets have a design of aluminum and both offers a superb quality build.

You can get the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 in color choices of white and black and gold will be coming our way.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 offers a display that is 25% larger but both displays are ultra-sharp quad HD. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has 577ppi and the Samsung Galaxy Note 518ppi.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 you get the S Pen which is superb if you write a lot of notes. It comes with fingerprint scanner and Samsung Pay. Both devices come with support for wireless charging and there is a fast charge option on the Note but it costs US$70 to purchase the charger.

Both devices offer superb cameras and they have OIS along with f/1.9 aperture. Both have support for 64 bit octa core processor and the Samsung Galaxy Note offers an additional 1GB of RAM more.

But does this brief comparison make it clear as to which handset to go with? Should you go for the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

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