Samsung Can’t Handle Galaxy Note 7 Shaming Video

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It seems that following the disaster with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung are not able to take a joke and see the funny side of things. However with them losing out by many millions of dollars due to the recall it’s not that surprising that they can’t find anything to smile about.

A video had been posted on YouTube showing off a mod for GTA 5 that showed a handset that looks like the Note 7 being used as a bomb in the game. This of course was poking fun at the exploding handset from Samsung.

Now Samsung have filed a DMCA takedown request for the video as they say that it violates the copyright. However it doesn’t look as though YouTube think it does as while the video did go missing, it has been restored. It seems that the creator of the video filed a counter claim against Samsung.

The video may have first been taken down due to other reasons as after all there are many videos out there that feature products from Samsung. It looks like Samsung got a case of sour grapes.

You would have thought that Samsung would have been too busy to care about a mod in GTA 5 that shows a device that looks similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or any other large screen handset. They have been hit by a class action lawsuit in Korea and the US.