Not Again: Samsung Loses To Apple Over 4 More Patents (ITC)

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Apple has won one round of the US International Trade Commission case that Samsung has brought against it. The case relates to patented tech in both the iPhone and iPad, and it represents that second US legal win Apple has gained over its rival.

ITC: Apple wins over Samsung again in patent lawsuit

ITC Judge James Gildea ruled that Apple didn’t infringe Samsung’s patents, but these findings are still to be reviewed by the full commission, which still has the power to block the imports of any products that have infringed US patents.

Judge Gildea’s findings come after a federal jury in San Jose awarded Apple more than $1 billion after finding that Samsung has copied the look of the iPhone. This same jury decided that Apple hasn’t violated any Samsung patents.

“Apple at the ITC is bulletproof,” said Rodney Sweetland, a lawyer who specializes in trade cases at Duane Morris in Washington. “Nobody can get any traction against them there. The lesson is, if you want to get relief against Apple, it’s going to have to be in a foreign forum where it doesn’t have the clout or the cachet it has at the ITC or the northern district of California.”

Judge Gildea decided that Apple didn’t infringe any of the four patents in the ITC case, and that Samsung hadn’t proven that it used its patents in its domestic industry. This proof is a unique requirement, only found in the trade agency. Judge Gildea didn’t explain his reasoning, and the opinion will enter the public forum once both companies have had a chance to redact confidential information.

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