Apple Wants 27 Samsung Devices Banned & $707 Million More

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Apple have filed a motion for another $707 billion in damages, after it was ruled that Samsung had copied their devices. TheVerge reports that at the same time, they also want 26 phones and 3 tablets banned in the US. Samsung on the other hand want another trial and that the damages should be around $35 million.

Apple wants 26 Samsung Android devices banned & a bigger fine

Apple wants another $400 million for infringement on designs, $135 million for the infringement on utility patents, $121 million for supplemental damages and $50 million for prejudgement interest.

Apple has also said that Samsung infringed on their patents so that they could gain shares in the market. It was said that success gained with six cloned products was the springboard for the 2nd generation products of the Galaxy S2 line up of handsets, along with numerous other handsets.

The lawyers of Samsung have argued that they want a new trial based on the grounds of proceedings from last month were too small for such a complex case. They also want a reduction in the amount of damages based on the grounds that the jury made miscalculations when they reached their verdict. For now we will have to wait to see what happens, as the ruling is expected on 6th December.

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