Rust Failed To Meet Expectation, Owes Fans $4.38M

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Rust did get a lot of attention when it was first released and while some people seem happy with the game, others were far from impress with what the game has to offer and has since demanded a refund from the developers.

According to SteamSpy, a total of 5,000,000 users has purchase Rust. The creator also tweeted that the game has been refunded 329,970 times which means the creator of Rust had returned about $4.38millions to their customers so far.

Most of the customers that requested for a refund listed “bad performance” and “not fun” as the main reason why they wanted a refund for the game. However, compared to the huge amount of customers that decided that the game was worth keeping, the $4.38million should be a huge problem for the creator of Rust.

Have you played Rust? Have you ever thought of asking for a refund for the game?

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