Rumoured iPhone 5SE Will Become iPhone SE Instead: Budget, But Could Overtake Samsung

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Remember how the supposedly “iPhone 5SE” was meant to be released this year as Apple’s budget phone that managed to get the Internet going crazy for it? Well that faded after a while. But we’re guessing it’s making a comeback again, because the Cupertino-based company has just confirmed the official name for it and it’s going to be iPhone SE instead.

It’s going to bear a lot of similarities to that of the iPhone 5S in terms of design, and don’t expect Apple to be launching this on March 15, but rather a week later on March 21. Still not a long way to go, and we can’t tell you how excited we’ve become over the past few months. While it’s as budget as Apple can get, the iPhone SE would also be equipped with powerful features like the latest A9 chipset and Apple Pay, among others.

Accordingly, the iPhone SE is expected to be priced between $400 to $500, which would turn out to be a major discount when compared to what the current flagship cost (say, the iPhone 6 currently costs about $549 for the base model). It’s something to look forward to, especially for die-hard Apple fan-boys (or girls, so we don’t sound so sexist). Also, we’d like to think that Apple would have the upper hand this year, if being compared with Samsung. Stay tuned for more updates!

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