Ruined King: More League Of Legends Game Announced

Riot Games has been working on a lot it seems as they had not one but two League of Legends spin-off games to announce at The Game Awards this year.

One of the games that were announced is called the Ruined King. From what was revealed, it looks like this will be a single-player story game that will focus on a set of champions from the game taking on monsters and bosses in a turn-based combat game.

The game will be set after the Burning Tides. The game will be released on the consoles as well as PC. They also announce the game Convergence during the event which is also a single-player game that will focus on the character Ekko.

It was also speculated that there might be a new fighting game with the League of Legends champions which will be coming in the future but we will have to wait and see.