Rockstar Seizes Back Cash From GTA Online Players

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If you have a modded GTA Online account and you have managed to gain a load of money through it you are going to see your money taken back by Rockstar.

A message has been posted on the support boards that says that any gamer who has gained cash illegitimately is going to find that their money has been taken away. Rockstar said that the move was to ensure that the gameplay environment was fair.

They said that anyone who has cheated will get an alert telling them that the shared bank balance has been adjusted due to the fact that they had illegitimate funds in their account. It has also been said that the same applies to anyone anyone who took advantage of in-game exploits and glitches for Heists or any other online work.

So have you logged into your GTA Online account and found that your stash of billions of dollars has been taken away?

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