Rockstar Is Working Hard To Destroy Grand Theft Auto

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Before online play became popular, games like Grand Theft Auto focused only on the single player gaming aspect of the game but as online multiplayer gaming became more and more popular, it seems like Rockstar is starting to forget what is important when it comes to their GTA franchise.

As nice as the GTA 5 game was, fans are getting tired of asking Rockstar when the new DLC for the story mode will be arriving. Fans have been begging for a single player story base DLC since the beginning but so far, the only DLC that Rockstar wants to release are for the online multiplayer model.

After the recent Tiny Racer DLC, a lot of players lost it as many of them felt like Rockstar was willing to waste their time working on a DLC like that instead of coming out with a proper single player DLC for them.

Many fans felt like Rockstar has forgotten that GTA is actually a single player game first before it was a multiplayer game. Some of them even went so far as to say that they might not get the next GTA 6 game.

What do you think?

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