Rockstar Drops GTA 5 Visual Bomb

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There is just hours to go until the world premiere of the big reveal of GTA 5 in the Game Informer magazine, however there has been a huge leak within the last 24 hours. This comes courtesy of an official image from the game which shows the main protagonist of GTA 5 sitting astride a jetski.

GTA 5 new image leaked

Game Informer was thought to be the first publication to reveal GTA 5 as they had an agreement with Rockstar. Now is seems that a spread about GTA 5 has been found in Shortlist magazine and a screen shot has appeared that we have never seen before and which Rockstar have not released.

The photo shows a man of middle age on a jetski in what seems to be a police chase over the water. The man is sat astride a jetski belonging to Los Santos beach lifeguards and he is firing an uzi machine gun as he speeds away. This looks to be the same character that was pictured on a quad bike, which was an official screenshot released by Rockstar just recently.

With the screen shot there is text which does give some indication of the main character in the game. It says that ‘The protagonist is an East Coast gangster who moved there for a fresh start.’

This text is located alongside the man on the jetski, which must mean that he is the main character in the game. While he has the appearance of a bad guy, it will be interesting to find out if he happens to be our hero.

The same man is also said to be in the trailer 2 for GTA 5. Rockstar say that this will be live on 14th November.




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