Resident Evil Revelations Buys RE2 Remake More Time

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Resident Evil Revelations is making its way out on the Xbox One and PS4 and this should distract gamers while they wait to see what the Resident Evil 2 Remake looks like.

Resident Evil ports 4,5 and 6 to the Xbox One and PS4 have been a great success and now the developer is bringing Resident Evil Revelations out for the new consoles. The Twitter page announced the re-master for the current gen consoles and it said that details would be coming soon.

Resident Evil Revelations is going to be making its way out on the Xbox One and PS4 during the fall and it is coming in both digital and physical disc copies. Many fans have said that the game was the best in the series after Resident Evil 4 and word is that it will offer up 60fps on the current gen consoles, which may be enough to persuade people to go out and get the new version.

But are you waiting to get your hands on Resident Evil Revelations for the PS4 and Xbox One?

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