Resident Evil 7 Will Soon Be Record Breaker

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Resident Evil 7 was launched just days ago and this had been a highly anticipated game that gamers had waited for. In only three days 2.5 million copies of the game have been sold around the world and Capcom are said to be amazed but it.

The achievement of Resident Evil 7 means that the game has topped the charts and it should break the records soon to become the best-selling game in the series. To beat Resident Evil 6 it needs to sell over 6.9 million copies and with sales doing so well in just three days, there is no reason why it shouldn’t.

Fans of the series see Resident Evil 7 as proof that many gamers preferred the horror aspect of the game and it has been a welcome comeback. Resident Evil 6 only sold well as gamers were blindsided into believing that horror had made a comeback to the series.

One reason why Resident Evil 7 has been so popular is that it is really terrifying. It has an atmosphere that is very intense and which makes you feel isolate. Anyone who loved the older games in the series is going to love this one.

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