Upcoming Horror Games 2016: Resident Evil 7, Condemned 3, DOOM (Predictions)

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As we roll into 2016, all eyes are on what could potentially be the next big titles to hit the PS4 and Xbox One. In particular, let’s explore what horror game fans may see this year.

On the top of the list of the most expected horror game announcements in none other than Resident Evil 7. We are expecting this title for sometime now and while the idea of multiplayer support seems great it would no doubt cause it to lose its position among horror titles. This is because it won’t be easy to create that eery feeling when you have other gamers doing their antics alongside you.

Next up is Condemned 3. Why it has been all this while since we have seen a new Condemned game escapes us. But with Occulus Rift now a reality we can just imagine the possibilities of a Condemned 3 putting you front and centre of all that gore and mixed emotions about your actions.

Lastly we have the new DOOM. What can be said about this that hasn’t already. We want more guns and more bad ass monsters. Enough said. So what are you predictions for upcoming horror games in 2016 for the Xbox One and PS4? Is DOOM, Condemned 3 and Resident Evil on your wishlist as well?

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