Resident Evil 7 PS4 VR Numbers Aren’t Lying

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Resident Evil 7 arrived on the market last week and it has been selling very well ever since. Over 2 million copies of the game have gone out around the world and this is superb for the developer.

At the moment Resident Evil 7 is right at the top of the game charts in the UK thanks to it having the best sales figures of any game. When you break the numbers down you can see that 73% of gamers who bought it are playing it on the PS4 and 10% are playing on the PS4 VR.

This does give us an indication that the VR industry is in fact growing and it’s a superb sign for Capcom. Resident Evil 7 is more like the games of old as it is terrifying and so it is superb when playing using a VR headset.

The number do not lie and demand for playing VR games is now growing thanks to the PS4 and games such as Resident Evil 7.

Do you have Resident Evil 7 and have you played the game on VR?