Resident Evil 7 May Get NC-17 Rating

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Milla Jovovich has just released a statement on her Twitter Q&A, suggesting that the latest installment of the Resident Evil 7: The Final Chapter may just be the “grittiest” yet.

And since the film would be much more raw than the previous ones, it may well be categorized into an NC-17 rating. That would mean there’s restriction for people aged 17 years and below, as they wouldn’t be able to enter to watch the movie.

It’s good to know though, that Resident Evil 7 is the last film of the franchise, and there’s finally an ending to a much-epic series of action-packed movies led by Milla. She’s also mentioned that the action shown in the film would be so realistic you’ll feel as if it’s in your face; basically there’s no slow-motion stuff happening.

Though there may be quite a number of disappointing fans, let’s just hope that the next Milla-movie would be just as fantastic.

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