Resident Evil 7 Could Not Save VR

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VR has been around for some time now and despite all the prediction that it is going to be the next big thing for gaming, that has not happened yet. If games like Resident Evil 7 can’t save it, what hope does VR have?

With the release of the new Resident Evil 7 game, many VR fans were hoping that the game would be the game and get the train started for VR but since the game also played well on normal mode, nobody really felt the urge to try out VR and buy the equipment because of it.

While there are more VR games out there right now, we are still missing those game changing game that would convince the players that VR is the way to go when it comes to gaming.

Some of the top VR games we have now does not fell polish or complete yet and we are still waiting for that one game to show us how far VR can really go. Of course, the technology is still new and the growth has certainly been slower than predicted.

It is now believed that HTC could be working on a Vive 2 while Apple might also be working on some sort of VR device of their own. What do you think of VR right now, do you think it has peaked or will we see a time when VR is a must when it comes to gaming?

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