Resident Evil 4 Not The Star Anymore

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Even with all the Resident Evil games out there, the Resident Evil 4 is still considered as one of the best of the franchise and it is usually the first Resident Evil game that Capcom will release when they want to break into a new console. However, that game was not Capcom’s first choice for the Nintendo Switch console.

It has just been announced that the first Resident Evil game that Capcom will be offering on the new Nintendo Switch console is the Resident Evil: Revelations followed by Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

The Resident Evil game will be released on the Nintendo Switch before 2017 ends. This is going to be one of the first solid game that Capcom is releasing on the new Switch. Capcom was wary at first and tested the water with some of their smaller games but now that the Nintendo Switch has proven itself to be a worthy console, we should be seeing more from Capcom in the future.

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