Resident Evil 2 Remake Might Offer Both Views

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There is one thing that gamers think the developers working on Resident Evil 2 might change and this is the camera angle. A fixed camera angle has been used in the past on the games, but a third person view might be better this time around with the remake.

There are some gamers who think that Capcom should keep the original view but then others think that the game is going to be better if it has a third person view. This is down to the fact that it would mean fans would have a new and fresher take on the game and Resident Evil 2 Remake would also be more frightening.

Both of the camera views come with some advantages and disadvantages, but perhaps it might work out if the game offered a choice of views. Fallout is a game that has offered gamers both and it has worked out fine for them.

We haven’t heard a great deal about the Resident Evil 2 Remake at the moment but the developers have said that the game is going to be made from scratch.