Resident Evil 2 Remake: Attention Don’t Always Equal Details

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When it was clear that the new Resident Evil 7 game was not going to be a let down like the last two Resident Evil games, fans shifted their attention from the Resident Evil 2 Remake to the new Resident Evil 7 game.

However, now that the game has been around for some time and the fans have already seen what it is about, they are shifting their attention back to the Resident Evil 2 Remake game. So far, the only real detail we have now is that the developers are going to build the game from the ground up which should mean better graphic.

Fans were also hoping that the developer would make a few changes to the game to make it more interesting to the original fans. Maybe change up the position of the enemies a little so that the game is less predictable.

Others want Capcom to come out with a new enemy for the game so that there is something to look forward to. Adding a few new rooms in the game would also help freshen things up for the fans.

While most of the fans seem to agree on those few upgrades, it looks like they can’t make up their mind about the camera angle of the game. Some fans want the original angle while others think that changing it to a third person game would benefit the game. Not only will the game feel new but it might also be more appealing to the current generation.

What do you think?