Renault Morphoz Electric Crossover Revealed

With the Geneva Motor Show not happening anymore, it looks like we will be seeing the automakers reveal their vehicles online. One of the first to come out will be the Renault Morphoz electric crossover concept.

According to the automaker, the vehicle is a part saloon, SUV and Coupe. The shape-shifting vehicle is fitted with AI, Level 3 autonomy, and will be riding on the new CMF-EV platform, the same platform that future Renault EVs will be riding on.

One of the more unique features about the vehicle is its ability to switch between modes to match the driver’s needs. It can go from a City mode which offers about 249miles of range and a Travel mode which is longer and will also have about 435miles of range.

This works by expanding the undertray of the vehicle to fit an extra battery pack. It will be interesting to see if any of this unique tech makes it to any production models in the future.