Remember This Microsoft Lumia 888 Concept Phone?

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Before Lumia 950 became a reality, there was this awesome rendering done by Michael Muleba which displays a phone with curved up displays; kind of like an impractical bracelet if you stare longer. We’re lucky that the 950 came out instead, albeit met with some criticisms along the way.

The concept of the Microsoft Lumia 888 reveals a display that is curved but the big thing about the device is that the display is curved outwards and not inwards like other handsets. So, there’s really a whole new unknown technology to look forward to if this indeed became a real thing.

The Microsoft Lumia 888 concept render makes the device look superb but we don’t expect the handset to come onto the market anytime soon as after all, this is just a concept.

But would you like the Microsoft Lumia 888 to arrive with a display that seems to be heading in the wrong direction?

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