Popular RedSn0w iOS 6 Jailbreak (Step-By-Step Guide)

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Only weeks after the release of the iOS 6.1 4th beta, Apple have released beta 5 of iOS 6.1 for developers registered with Apple. If you are a developer and you fancy trying your hand at jailbreaking the beta, you will be happy to know that you can via the tethered jailbreak in the shape of RedSn0w.

RedSn0w iOS 6 jailbreak guide

The beta can be downloaded as a delta update with the build being 10B5126b and this is said to work on all of the iOS devices of Apple, including the Apple iPhone, the iPad and the iPod Touch. If you own the beta of iOS 6.1 you should go into Settings – General and then Software updates.

The jailbreak is offered by RedSn0w but you do have to bear in mind that this is the tethered jailbreak and as such you cannot use it with devices that have the A5 processor. This jailbreak applies to the Apple iPhone 3GS, the Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPod Touch 4th gen, all of which have the Limera1n exploit. However it cannot be used on devices such as the Apple iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S, Apple iPad 2,3 and 4 or the 5th generation Apple iPod Touch and iPad Mini.

If you want to have a go at jailbreaking a device then you should follow the steps below.

Make sure that you have installed beta 5 on your device and iOS on your computer. Connect your computer and your device and then put it in DFU mode. Open up RedSn0w  and then your computer should be able to recognise your device. Click on Extras and pick IPSW, then choose the iOS 6 firmware file. You should then be able to see the firmware.

Go over to the main page of RedSn0w and choose the option to jailbreak. You then have to wait for the processes to complete and place a tick at the side of Cydia. Click Next and wait for the process to complete. You should then be on the lock screen. Put the device back into DFU mode.

On the main page of RedSn0w you need to click on extras and then pick iOS 6 firmware. It should find the firmware. You then have to choose Boot tethered and wait while the process completes. You should see the pineapple logo on your display as soon as the device boots.

When you have completed the jailbreak you are back to the lock screen and after unlocking you need to swipe to the second page, where you will see Cydia. Open this up and go through the set-up and configuration process.

Congratulations your iPhone should now be jailbroken.

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