Redguard vs Thalmor: Fourth Skyrim DLC Contenders Weigh In

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2013 is here and owners of the PS3 will be happy to see it arrive. Bethesda said that Skyrim Dragonborn DLC would be coming to the PS3 in early 2013. They also mentioned Dawnguard and Hearthfire were on their way too. However as Dragonborn was the easiest to bring out on the PS3, they chose to release it first.

So what might be on the way after this?

Owners of the Xbox 360 have all of the DLC packs and as Bethesda seems to have attended to the issues with the PS3 for the DLCs, the same will be said about the Sony platform soon enough. But will there be more DLCs or would Bethesda release a new game? Many believe that it will be DLC packs.

This is of course if Bethesda continues with their pattern of releasing 5 DLC packs for each Skyrim game they bring out. At the moment there have been 3 DLCs, so there could be 2 more coming our way before Skyrim 6.

4th Skyrim DLC rumors

TapScape thinks that the focus of the next pack could be with Thalmor. A fight seems to be in the making with Thalmor, which would make for a great DLC. However the fight could be in the form of a rebellion, rather than all-out war.

But then a patent has been filed and re-filed for Redguard. Due to this some fans of the game believe that the 4th DLC would be based on this. Therefore there are two contenders for the 4th Skyrim DLC right now. Which one will win, if any, we will have to wait and see.

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